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Welcome to our site! Here, you will find all information on "Oblivion: TLC" expansion pack.
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"The Lost Chapter" DLC adds a new global quest to the game. Right after you have defeated Mehrunes Dagon, something terrible happens. Angar Crow, Elder Council member contacts you on behalf of chancellor himself. During the murder investigation, you begin to realize, that the worst part has just begun and the war is far from over. Strange disease is spreading all across Cyrodiil. Cities are closing down one by one. And this time you're not sure, if you actually can win this battle.

  • Completely new plot, which continues the original story in horror style.
  • Lots of new territories: dungeons, ancient tombs, houses, caves, castles and much more.
  • New global quest & multiple side tasks. Although some of them will directly affect the continuation of the game.
  • In addition to a huge amount of new adversaries, some of them will be particularly hard to kill. Some monsters cannot be slain by sword or magic at all.
  • New supernatural diseases, some of them will cause terrible nightmares.
  • New weapons, armor, artifacts, potions and much, much more.
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