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The Lost Chapter Prologue
05.28.2010, 1:45 AM


It has been few weeks since you saved the world from demonic invasion. The barriers are restored and everything has returned to its proper place. But nobody could predict that Mehrunes Dagon attack on mortal world was just a beginning. A prologue to another bloody chapter. Tamriel is about to face a new threat.


We were a silent, hidden thought in the folds of oblivion, and we have become a voice that causes the heavens to tremble…

Unknown historian





The Lost Chapter is a series of quests, addition to the main plot of the game. Completely new story line, lots of new enemies, puzzles, dungeons and everything a player needs for a good game. However it is only the first part of the big mod, which was planned about half a year ago. So be patient and wait for the second part.




Simply extract .bsa archive and .esp file to your Oblivion/Data folder. Then, start the game with launcher or Mod Manager and put a tick near the TLC2.esp file in the list of your modifications. Easy enough, I hope you wont get problems with installation. You also need to activate Border Removal mod. It’s essential.


Starting the quest


To start a Prologue, you should pass the main quest of the game and receive the Dragon Armor. Once you do, you will be contacted by the council. However, if you have already passed the game and have later saves with armor, you should go to the Imperial City Waterfront district, to the tavern Bloated Float and search for a silver dagger in the bar. Just take a closer look at this dagger and the quest will start automatically.


ATTENTION!!! If you take this dagger before you pass the main quest, the Lost Chapter will start anyway, so be careful. Use this if you don’t want to pass the game again to play my mod.


Resources used


Ironrust compilation, Masks, LTD Zombie Race, Nordic Tombs, Pale Riders Dragonhunter, Zombie & Golem, Acid Extravagant Eyes, L4D zombie sounds, Knightly Armory, Dwemer Spectacles, Slof’s robe trader, 20 Creatures, Border Removal.


I thank the authors of these modifications for their great work. Without these resources, The Lost Chapter wouldn’t have existed.




Angar Crow


Alan Lem


Diego Varren

Mr. K



Forgotten One

Miss Wilde

Imperial Guard, Dragon Hunter



Thank you guys for great work! I really enjoyed listening to your voices! I hope we will work together on second part of this project.




I would like to say thanks to Ghi102, who helped me with work in Construction Set.

You can use the mod’s resource as you see fit.


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2 pkmahaur  
pls. help, i am stuck at "the getaway quest" push block puzzle..............................

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1 pkmahaur  
pls. help, i am stuck at "the getaway quest" push block puzzle..............................

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